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The First Crash

I was cruising along, just fine, with my new Photocrati Theme when I enabled the e-commerce plugin WP e-Commerce and then the fun started. Now I can’t find the notes that led me to believe I should get this but dummy me…I did.

It appeared to load just fine and then……. and then……. and then…

and then there was nothing but the Home page.

Even though the menus on both sides listed all the pages I was suppose to have along with some new ones produced by the e-comm program, only Home came up… even though on the address line it read, the page name that had been clicked on.
I’ll spare you the rest of the gory and high blood pressure inducing story.

I was able to fix almost all of it because I found that I had exported a copy of the site WP XML before the e-comm fiasco so I just imported it & made a few little fixes.

I only bring this up to remind all my (several) readers that backing up sites is just as important as backing up you email or photographs.

For WP users frequently do an export and save several generations on your hard drive in case the last one made gets corrupted. There are also ways of downloading your server files and database files. When I get a chance, I’ll add my voice to the multitudes telling you how to go about this.

But right now… It’s time for a cold one…

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Once again, off into the Fray….

I’ve had just so much “fun” setting up AWSchmitt.com.

I’ve tried free themes…

I’ve purchased themes…

I finally found this one…

It’s called Photocrati Photo Gallery

I hope you enjoy my work, thoughts, and site.

and away we go…..



and  yes, the title is from the show ” The Fantastics”

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