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The Galleries

Now that I’ve put a few of the Free-Bees up it’s probably time to consider opening the Gallery.

This is an interesting section of the work because I’ve never built one before.

I don’t find this as nerve wracking as I imagined because I’m getting VERY GOOD support from the company that wrote the theme I’m using – Photocrati Gallery/Album. By the way, the reference is not a paid political announcement. As a former developer, I know to support people who support you. They can be few and far between. If they screw up badly, you’ll hear that as well.

What I do find nerve wracking is deciding what to offer. There are just so many “Variations on a Theme” that can be offered.

How many sizes?  Matted or unmatted?   What kind of mattes?   Frames? (heaven forbid)

I’d love some feedback from my multitudes of readers.



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