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Why is it that there are one or 2 locations that I can sit, by myself, eating dinner & reading that inspire ideas, drive, determination, etc… All the things I frequently lack?

Why do these locations, like a restaurant called Charlottes Web, just consistently allow walled off sections of my brain to bridge the gap and run wild with conceptualization & plans?

My father introduced me to #Charlottes Web, in Dover, NJ maybe 25 years ago.
It’s one of the few places we shared as he slowly died from lung cancer. (The diagnosis & cause was delivered by a doctor holding a cigarette.)

Over the years, Charlotte & Sal, the proprietors, have become family. Entertaining my first wife & me, dealing with me when that fizzled, happily welcoming a long time lady friend and, finally, embracing Karen, my wife, as a natural part of things to the point of slapping Chase, my 2 year old grandson, on Sal’s shoulders and taking him on a tour of the kitchen when he started to rebel against being an adult in a 2 hour dinner.

The food is wonderful, the staff like nice relatives at a big family dinner and the other clientele like extended family you only encounter occasionally but warmly.

Sal makes a dessert we have knicknamed Sal-a-Misu, that started out as Tierra Misu that Sal had in Italy one year. He cake back and duplicated the recipe with a few Sal quirks that have earned it the new moniker.

UNFORTUNATELY….it’s not on the menu all the time, so when we stumble upon it , it’s a dream come true. Now granted, if I remember to call and it’s a special occasion, Sal will make it and the world is smooth on its axis. If I manage to sneak it home there is great happiness at the end of the next evenings repast.

So what is the meaning of all this?

I thing it’s that the world needs more restaurants owned and operated by people not corporations. Restaurants that treat their employees well and respect them. Proprietors that become as family to their clientele. Just a nice, warm, safe place to be.
A place… And please forgive the quote ..”where everybody knows your name”.

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