Scapes of All Kinds

What are “Scapes” you might ask and rightfully so.

Scapes, to me, encase most of Photography, from Landscapes on.

I just decided to make all the naming uniform, so there’s not only Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes but Peoplescapes, Naturescapes, Historicalscapes and Atmosphericalscapes. (say that fast)

To me, pretty much all photographs have the characteristics of a Scape. A front, a rear, a top, a bottom, a point of focus, an area around it that the focus falls off from. For example, a portrait is a Scape of  a face. An image of a bird in flight is a portrait of that bird and hense a Scape of it, et cetera, et cetera, et cetra.

so please take a look at my scapes, I think you’ll enjoy them.

Landscapes   Seascapes   Cityscapes   Peoplescapes   Naturescapes   Historicalscapes

and last but not least   Atmosphericalscapes and Macro/Microscapes.

Then there are E-Scapes, the none-of-the-above collection of just that, Escapes.


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