Free HD Textures, Clouds and Other Backgrounds


Every once in a while, it’s nice to purposely give something away. Now I know that, effectively, I do that every time I put an image up on the internet but this time I’m doing it on purpose.

I realize this isn’t a new idea, people have been doing it for a while in an attempt to build readership and visibility. It’s also just plain nice.

Because I have a somewhat unique surrounding’s here at the Delaware Watergap Federal Recreation Area (DWFRA), I am photographing and adding Free Historical Textures as I come across them.

I’ve looked at a number of sites offering Textures, either for fee or free, and there are some things I’ve never seen offered. This is why I have an Free Interesting and Different Textures.

After hosting iPhoneography classes taught by  Harry Sandler, Terri Lou Dantzler, and Carol Smith , I came to realize the need for insert-able backgrounds, especially Clouds. Since I never noticed sites dispensing them either for Free or Cash, I decided to offer them in the Clouds and Weather area.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been photographing clouds for years. It would be nice for some of those images to be put to use.


Now this isn’t to say that I’m independently wealthy.

If you would like to send me something for using one of my Free-Bees that got you a Show at MOMA or just made it possible to produce a successful image, please contact me, using the CONTACT ME form, and I’ll tell you how to send it.


Technical specs:

Free-Bees have predominately been shot using an iPhone 4s with minimal processing and are about 8 mega pixels in size, making them useful for adding into non-iPhone images.



License and Terms of Use:
The freebies posted in this site are my original works. You may use them for free for your personal or commercial projects.
Credits are not required, but if you want to be nice, a simple link back will do or you may credit me as:

Andy Schmitt or

Please do not:

claim them as your own
sell them
redistribute them
Please link back to this site instead if you wish to share the freebies.

Andy Schmitt or will not be responsible for any damage that may arise upon the use or inability to use of the downloaded freebies.
(I would like to thank Hello Streetlight for the original wording of these useage paragraphs)


Stay Tuned…there will be more…

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