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20150211 – UVPHOTOGRAPHICS – Wetplate supplier

Ran across a reference to . They not only sell wetplate chemistry but premixed solutions and kits. This just might be what it takes to get me back in the saddle again. They also have a number of premixed Collodion’s that would be easy enough to tryout. It would be interesting to try a different one from Old Workhorse, which I love but…
Thanks to Gerald Figal, of Collodion Bastards,  for pointing it out.

I generally shop with ArtCraft Chemicals out of Altamont, NY. Their prices are wonderful, their selection is wide, really wide, and the service is knowledgable.



Hmmmmm…there seems to be distinct darth of AWSchmitt’s Ideas here.

Well stick around folks because I think I feel one coming up….

no, that was lunch..

well, be patient, I’ll  have to think of something soon…